Create your vision.

The restaurant interior is yours to design. In the meantime, our architects have created a nearly 4,200sf interior 2nd floor space that should accommodate a hundred or so guests. Do you also see a sports bar? Or a private dining room for special occasions or meetings? It’s up to you! We’ve also included a 2,000sf market in the building to serve the marina and RV Resort customers. We hope you will design your dream space to make it your own.

The main restaurant is on the second floor, accessed by an elevator and two sets of stairs. Assuming a 1,500-sf kitchen, that’s 4,200-sf of air-conditioned indoor seating and an additional 1,300-sf of open-air seating on the deck overlooking the gulf, the river and the ship channel with its tankers, crew boats, shrimp boats and pleasure boats sailing back and forth. On the ground floor, there’s also 9,800-sf of open-air flex space for you to have first-priority control for entertainment events, overflow or additional services.

How about the food?

If you know Louisiana, you already know this: our food is world famous and unmistakable, and Louisiana is the big leagues for authenticity. It’s why tourists come here and venture outside New Orleans; they want to taste the food, hear the music and experience the local culture, the history and the outdoors, the fishing, hunting and birdwatching. So we suggest this restaurant needs to be authentic, a real Louisiana experience. It has to be a destination to reward travelers for making the trip “down to Cameron” which, by the way, is just an hour south of Interstate 10. Catering is also big business in this area, so this might provide an additional outlet for your culinary talents.

Louisiana - how about the food?