What are the terms of the lease?
These are to be determined after selection of the Finalists. Lease terms will vary according to the needs of each Finalist, and we will keep negotiation details confidential between Lessor and each potential Lessee. Even so, you are free to propose lease terms within your initial Proposal, as this could support your case of advantages within the “Financial Viability” criterion.

Who is the Lessor?
Cameron Parish. While the property is under long-term master lease to Venture Global Calcasieu Pass, by established agreement between Venture and the Parish, Cameron Parish will own the property and all leasehold improvements with final authority to lease and manage the 58-acre development marketed as “Lighthouse Bend”. Lease payments will be made to Cameron Parish through the office of the Parish Administrator.

How much input will I have in the design of the restaurant?
The exterior of the building, placement of interior shared spaces such as elevators and bathrooms have been designed and construction will soon be underway, but the restaurant has been left a blank canvas for you to create a winning design. There are funds available for design and build-out.  Additionally, furniture, fixtures and equipment are open to discussion within the terms of the lease. All we ask is that you work with our architects on interior décor and ancillary decoration, so that the aesthetic remains consistent. We've designed a beautiful building as the canvas to express your vision, one that literally has no equal for a hundred miles around. All that remains is for you to design the final touches!

How long will construction of Lighthouse Bend take?
Construction of the entire facility is expected to take twelve months.

At what point will the restaurant operator be able to begin, and begin to build out their space? 
Interior build-out may begin by month 7. Tenant interior design will begin soon after entering into an agreement with the Cameron Parish Police Jury (CPPJ).

What about the rest of the development?
As you can see elsewhere on the website, we welcome you to propose your intentions to operate all or part of the entire development, that is, the convenience store (also on the second floor of the restaurant building), the adjacent marina and its fuel operation, the RV resort across Davis Road. Currently, it is thought that the boat launch and fish-cleaning station will be entirely public and free of charge. Finally, although the focus of this opportunity begins with the restaurant, Proposers intending to control/manage/operate the other amenities should receive additional consideration.

How have the recent hurricanes affected progress at Lighthouse Bend?
Not substantially, other than a shift in construction schedules, which has delayed us about twelve months from our original Summer 2021 target for opening. First, the pandemic forced a hiatus as it effectively stopped and crippled the restaurant business and travel industry nationwide, which as everyone knows, is rebounding slowly. Because the hurricane destroyed homes, businesses, and infrastructure across most of Southwest Louisiana, recovery will take many months. However, despite the direct hit and landfall at Cameron, our infrastructure damage is less severe. Construction at Lighthouse Bend has begin, and we are currently on-schedule for end of Summer 2022.