Where will your customers come from?

We suggest that your restaurant will always serve a great lunch crowd from all the construction workers and plant operators in town looking for the meat-and-three, but also from local government and businesses looking for a quick lunch they can afford. These folks will be seeing you once or twice a week, at least. We also think every sportsman making the trip to go fishing in the gulf or hunting in the marshlands is your customer — both are a way of life here. And just in case you weren’t aware, affluent duck hunters also come here from all over the world; that’s no exaggeration. Also, the Creole Nature Trail, the first one in the nation established by the Federal Byways Program, carries more than 300,000 visitors around Cameron Parish each year. They’re ready to stop mid-way to stay…and eat!

And don’t forget families with kids, not only the locals but also the RV travelers camped a hundred yards from your front door. Have a kid’s menu, a plan for serving youth sports teams and couples on a date. We’ll help you with broadband connections for big flat screens showing the ball games.

We also believe your nighttime business will bring regular weekly patrons taking the short trip from Lake Charles and beyond, and here is where your culinary reputation and authentic cuisine can build its fame. Think about it: where else is a better setting to create signature dishes served to foodie patrons wanting to taste the best Louisiana has to offer? This is a great opportunity for success! And look at these numbers:

209,567 Households within a 90-min. drive of Cameron
$78,758 Per Capita HH income of those residents
3.57% Projected population growth 2019 - 2025
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