Lighthouse Bend Restaurant

Lighthouse Bend Restaurant Event, Cameron Parish

Enjoy gourmet dining and spectacular views, all in the fun, friendly, comfortable setting of Gulf Coast living. No tie needed!

Relax with a cocktail at the massive, center bar, be enveloped by wood-grain and water accents with a nod to its Lighthouse namesake, and delight in the freshest of seafood, tantalizing steaks, and signature Louisiana specialties. Delve into hearty plate-lunch options during the week and savor evening dining, watching lights on the water. Whether you stay the week in RV-Resort comfort or make this your date-night spot, check out the menu and plan your visit!
Don’t Miss Steak Night! 
HOURS: M-W, 11a-4p; Th-Sa, 11a-8p; Su, 11a-3p

Get ready to dine well!

If you know Louisiana, you already know this: our food is world famous and unmistakable, and Louisiana is the big leagues for authenticity. Our locally-sourced, peak season ingredients, crafted by our talented culinary staff, will have you describing Lighthouse Bend Restaurant alongside your most-favorite, Louisiana spots, and planning your next visit! Check out our menu and make a reservation now!

Louisiana Food at Lighthouse Bend Bar & Grill